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Doom Bar Bitter is named after an infamous sandbank at the mouth of the Camel Estuary in North Cornwall.

Where the river Camel meets the Atlantic Ocean on Cornwall’s rugged north coast, a sand bank, centuries old, known as the Doom Bar protects and calms this beautiful estuary. Sailors respect the Doom Bar knowing it to be unforgiving if met with haste or arrogance.

Doom Bar the beer embodies many characteristics which make it worthy to carry the name of this natural wonder. It’s distinctive aroma and balanced flavour set it apart from other beers taking unsuspecting first time drinkers by surprise with its moreish appeal. Doom Bar has achieved international cult status, is one of the fastest growing beer brands in the UK and the best selling cask beer in the South West of England.

Taste Notes Stuart Howe Head Brewer

“The aroma of Doom Bar combines an accomplished balance of spicy resinous hop, inviting sweet malt and delicate roasted notes. The mouth feel is a perfectly balanced and complex blend of succulent dried fruit, lightly roasted malty notes and a subtle yet assertive bitterness. The bitterness remains into the finish with dry fruity notes which implore the drinker to go back for more.”


  • Regional winner of the Morning Advertiser ‘Great British Pub Supplier Award’, 2009 and 2010
  • International Beer Challenge World Top 50 Beer 2006
  • Bronze medal winner, Publican Licensees Choice Awards, 2010
  • Bronze in the International Beer Challenge, 2011


Hancock’s HB dates from at least 1925 and is a traditional Cask Ale with an aroma full of crystal toffee and pear drops, with a hint of liquorice. A touch drying, it’s soft and smooth malty palate has a faintly sharp finish.

Hancocks HB is a 3.6% session bitter originally brewed by Hancock’s brewery. Formerly Wales’ biggest brewer, the brewery was founded by William Hancock (father of Frank, Froude and William Hancock), acquired by Bass in 1968, and sold to Brains in 1999, but initially Bass retained the rights to the brands. Production later came back to Cardiff.



Atlantic is a modern pale ale brewed to feature the best attributes of our ingredients. Succulence from two types of malt, tropical and citrus fruits from new world hops. All this, along with Sharp’s trademark complexity and balance, give a beautifully refreshing pale ale.

STYLE: Pale Ale

TASTE NOTE: Atlantic is a deep golden colour. The aroma of Pale Ale is a blend of stunning citrus notes, juicy tropical fruits and fresh-picked hops with a touch of candy floss. The flavour has a delicate sweetness with fruity succulence and citrus spice to the fore. The finish is sweet at first becoming dry and lingering with hop zest.

AWARDS: International Brewing Awards Bronze 2015


A Taste of Pembrokeshire

The Tenby Brewing Co. are a microbrewery in the beautiful seaside town of Tenby on southwest tip of Wales. James and Rob have spent most of their working lives in the pub and bar trade in the UK and abroad. Frustrated and bored with the uk beer industry’s selection of largely tasteless lagers, and bland ales, they decided it was about time they started brewing something more interesting for Tenby, South Wales and beyond! After 8 months of planning, and many late nights reading and hounding other microbrewers, hop merchants and industry ‘boffins’ for information, They were lucky enough to have the opportunity to purchase “Preseli Brewery” since the owner was retiring.
Their mission is to brew interesting and full flavour beers using the best quality ingredients leaving as little impact on the environment as possible…


Clean, crisp and beautifully Blonde. Pale ale and lager malts are used in the mash before single hopping with cascade, and infusing with Thai Lime leaves. Full of character yet light and easy drinking, Real beer doesn’t get more refreshing than this!


An easy drinking and moreish example, putting the special back into ESB’s (extra special bitter), hints of caramel woven in complex grain, balanced with mellow bitter hops ……. sit back and have a real beer, because who knows when they’re going to turn up!


“WC Rocks” is a term used by local kite surfers, celebrating the quality of west coast wind and swell. Jump in and you’ll find a thirst quenching malt body and undercurrents of spiced blackberry. At 3.8%abv, a great session beer so you can get back out in the surf with a clear(ish!) head… it’s a hard life, WC Rocks!….


The ‘Black flag’, otherwise known as ‘the jolly roger’ was raised to identify a pirate ship to their prey in order for them to have a chance to surrender. Black flag porter is full of character with notes of coffee and chocolate and just a touch of vanilla spiced rum!

A homage to the beautiful wheat beers of Europe, The alpine flower, ‘Edelweiss’ meaning noble and white, is used as a metaphor for the beers purity and unique floral flavour. Brewed with nobel German hops, wheat and pilsner malt, discover this soft, light and easy drinking style with subtle corriander and bitter orange notes… Idle away the day or night with our take on this European classic!


A taste of the good life

The Rev. James beer is one steeped in history. Acquired after the purchase of Crown Buckley, Rev. James is brewed to an original recipe dating back to 1885. The beer is named after one of the original owners of Buckley Brewery, the Rev, James Buckley, a business man with two conflicting roles – saving souls and satisfying thirsts.

The Rev. James is brewed to a traditional recipe and has been described as having a flavour not commonly available these days. Full-bodied and warming, The Rev. James is rich in palate, spicy and aromatic with a deeply satisfying finish.

Tasting Notes

Full bodied and warming, rich in palate, spicy and aromatic with a deeply satisfying finish. This premium ale has been described as having a “classic” flavour not commonly available these days.

4.5% ABV


It wouldn’t be Wales without SA

In the mid-1950’s Brains introduced SA Best Bitter. This was quickly shortened to the easier bar call of SA and has become one of our most famous beers recognised throughout the country and further a field. SA celebrated its 50th birthday last year which is a testament to its popularity and is currently displayed on the Welsh rugby shirt.

The renowned ‘special ale’ is copper coloured with a full premium quality flavour. A nutty richness derived from a blend of fine pale and crystal malts is balanced with a satisfying dryness from the unique use of three hops: Challenger, Goldings and Fuggles. The aroma has a hint of spirit which adds to the legendary mystique of this premium cask beer.

Tasting Notes

Brewed to a recipe combining the characteristics of pale and crystal malts with choicest traditional ale hop varieties. The beer has a long, deep, bitter-sweet finish with fruit and hop notes. This is Brains beer at its best, a strong ale which is distinctively hoppy.


“If, like me, you like to hunt out a hen, well there are plenty of opportunities to find one. ‘Old Speckled Hen’ is in pubs and bars across the country in cask and also as a smooth version at 4.5% ABV.

You can also enjoy ‘Old Speckled Hen’ in 500ml or 355ml bottles and 500ml cans at 5.2% ABV from all leading supermarkets and convenience outlets. And for the jet setters amongst us, you can even find it in 47 countries around the world, from Australia to the UAE.

‘Old Speckled Hen’ has a full, smooth flavour and is very easy to drink. Its rich amber colour and superb fruity aromas are complemented by a delicious blend of malty tastes. Toffee and malt combine with bitterness on the back of the tongue to give a balanced sweetness. This, all followed by a refreshingly dry finish.”

Old Speckled Hen on TV


The tale of Bishops Finger has its origins in the privations suffered by the people of Kent following the Second World War.

Once the initial euphoria of the Allied victory had subsided, the 1940s and 1950s proved to be a frugal time as people struggled to rebuild their lives amid the years of rationing and controls that still lay ahead.

During the war, malt had been strictly rationed and the Government’s message to brewers was “quantity not quality”.

Rationing finally ended in the mid-1950s and in 1957 Shepherd Neame’s Head Brewer Gordon Ely was given the go-ahead by the Board of Directors to produce the Faversham Brewery’s first strong ale for nearly 20 years. The beer was to be a celebration following the grey postwar years of austerity.

The ale Gordon Ely brewed was introduced to freetrade customers in a letter dated February 1958.

Les Wood, who succeeded Gordon Ely as Head Brewer and retired in 1992 after a career with Shepherd Neame spanning half a century, remembers:

“If ever there was a master brewer it was Gordon. His recipe for Bishops Finger, which relies so strongly on Goldings hops grown on our doorstep, is quintessentially East Kent and has stood the test of time. It remains a classic”.

The name was chosen by former managing director, Laurie Neame, to emphasise the beer’s Kentish heritage.

Bobby Neame, chairman of Shepherd Neame from the early Seventies, developed the brand. He explains the thinking behind the choice of name: “Clerics and beer have been linked with one another for centuries, but what particularly attracted us to Bishops Finger was its uniquely Kentish associations.

“Bishops fingers were found only in Kent because they were fingerposts sited along the Pilgrims Way to show the pilgrims the route to Thomas à Becket’s shrine in Canterbury Cathedral before it was destroyed by Henry VIII in the 16 th century.”

Those were the days…1958

The young Queen Elizabeth II had been on the throne for six years, Harold Macmillian was Prime Minister and, the year before in 1957, the first Premium Bonds had been drawn and the Russians had successfully launched their Sputnik satellite.

February 1958 is remembered for the death of seven ‘Busby Babes’ in the Manchester United Munich airline disaster. The Empire & Commonwealth Games were held in Cardiff; the first Hovercraft made its maiden flight; Lycra was invented; the first parking meters appeared on London streets…and beer was about 1s 6d (7½p) a pint.


Spitfire Premium Kentish Ale is the biggest ale success story of the last decade. Originally brewed to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, its characteristically Kentish, hoppy flavor and risque advertising campaign has made it a firm favourite with beer lovers.

Winner of a gold medal and Best Strong Cask-Conditioned Beer of the World at the Brewing Industry International Awards, Spitfire Ale is now Shepherd Neame’s biggest-selling cask conditioned ale. Spitfire Ale has Protected Geographical Indication, the same regional produce protection afforded to Champagne and Parma Ham.

Andrew Jeffords Tasting Notes

Regular contributor to BBC Radio 4’s Food Programme and former wine writer on the London Evening Standard, Andrew recently won the prestigious Glenfiddich Drink Writer of the Year, Wine Writer of the Year and the Glenfiddich Trophy for overall excellence – all three in the same year – an unprecedented achievement. At the same time, he won the Wine Book of the Year title at the Le Prix du Champagne Lanson.

“The glowing amber of this premium Kentish ale has wonderfully generous aromas of tangy malt, soft raisins and sweet oranges, freshened by the floral, grassy notes of three different Kent-grown hop varieties (flowery Target, tangy First Gold and orange-fragrant East Kent Goldings). In the mouth, the finely balanced flavour opens with a blast of rounded malt before the rousing, almost spicy hops follow through to provide a complex, multi-layered finish.


Legendary Ruby Beer

Traditionally craft brewed with Chocolate & Crystal malts and a blend of Styrian, Goldings & Fuggles hops to produce a full-bodied, Ruby beer that delivers a delicious chocolate toffee malt flavour, balanced with a rounded moderate bitterness and an overall fruity, mischievous character.

Deliciously Dark, What’s the matter Largerboys… Afraid you might taste something?

Hobgoblin is the perfect beer to drink with meat stews & Steak & Ale pies, Sausages & Mash, Burgers & BBQs; roasts; & char-grilled vegetables. Ideal for Halloween!

Hobgoblin Tasting Review


An Ale of Outstanding Beauty

gower-goldGower Gold is a thirst quenching golden ale. It has refreshing citrus flavours and the lovely aroma of the cascade hops. Brewed since December 2011, this beer has become an all round firm favourite. Gower Gold clocks in at 4.5% abv and is available all year round.

This is a beer which is not to be missed.

Food Match

Gower Gold is perfect on any occasion, but we think it’s extra special with Fish or a Curry.